The following guidance governs all activities carried out by Creative Driveways & Patios.


1) We’re helping you to self-isolate by keeping all possible contact via telephone and email. We’re able to use Google Maps to create accurate plans and schemes for your project without the need for unnecessary visits during the planning process.


2) Where face-to-face meetings are absolutely necessary, we’re able to meet you outside your home, always maintaining the recommended 2-metre distance. Due to the nature of our work, we don’t usually need to come into your home, and can take measurements and survey your property without the need to get too close. We’d love to shake your hand when you approve your designs, but for now, a smile and a nod will have to do.


3) When our team come to install your driveway, patio or landscaping project, they bring everything they need with them, including soap and water, alcohol wipes, a kettle, cups and even a portaloo (yes – we managed to find some toilet paper too!).


For any questions or enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.